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The League

Eight years ago we, Sheryl, Liz, Sarah and Marie, created the League of Extraordinary Women.
Since then, thousands of women have joined the movement and together we’ve been able to do and achieve things
far greater than what we imagined when we made that first decision to just start.

And now, after having met the extraordinary women we have met, and seeing what remarkable things can happen
when we get together, we’re more fueled up than ever before to keep encouraging women to start now.
To dream now, plan now, to take action now, toward that thing (or things) that brings you the most joy.

Why not join our community so that we can go on the journey with you? (it’s more fun that way).


Conferences. Events. Workshops.

Check out our Conferences here and Events here.


RUN THE WORLD - Melbourne


Run the world - Brisbane





Partner with us.

Get on board! We’re always excited to partner up with brands that get what we’re about and share our values and vision.
So get in touch and let’s do great things together.

I am grateful to be a woman.
I must have done something great in another life.
— Maya Angelou