What is something unusual or strange that you absolutely love?

Last night, my partner yelled out, “YESS!!” and ran to the couch to turn on Netflix.

The new season of Stranger Things was out. I’ve never seen an episode before and it looked like it could be scary - which was already a big no-no for me. (I'm pretty sure The Sixth Sense did some permanent damage to me - I can't have an inch of my leg dangling over the bed at night)

I was about to get up and head to bed but a few minutes in, a banger of an 80’s track came on. I was sold.

Didn’t care that it was scary anymore, I was hooked. My partner just chuckled when I said we had to watch the second episode.

There’s just something extremely satisfying about belting out the lyrics to an 80’s song.

If I ever need a pep-me-up. Toto, Roxette and Whitney will always be there.

So that’s my strange thing. I live for 80’s music and I don't care who knows it.

But that wasn't always the case. When I was younger, I’d change my opinion based on the people around me. I wanted to fit in. As soon as I'd get criticised for doing something strange and unusual, I'd stop doing them - even if I loved it. Instead, I'd pick up new "more acceptable" passions and habits to replace them.

Nowadays, I don’t care. I embrace my strangeness. I revel in it. I even want people to laugh at how absurd my passions are.

I know now that this "strangeness" is what makes us more colourful. More ALIVE. More HUMAN.

And I just love it when people share their unusual passions/things/habits with me. It allows me to have a peek into their world and see a different world from their eyes. It's fascinating, even if I don't quite relate all the time. Like this example.

This is my friend's cat.


She loves Persians so much that she has FOUR of them. I might make fun and comment “they have a face only a mother could love” every single time she shares her cats on her IG story... but honestly I admire her and think, good on her for loving those strange looking cats so much and for not giving a sh*t what others think.

Today, I invite you to share your strangeness and weirdness with the world. Answer this:

What is something unusual or strange that you absolutely love?

Comment below, you can do it anonymously.

Stay Peachy,


Sheryl Thai, CEO
League of Extraordinary Women

P.S. For the 80’s lovers out there, here’s my playlist.